Let me clarify that all of our products and orders are unique so we cannot put a price list on this page. Please ask for a personalized quote. On this page, you can have a look at our previos works for reference. They have been grouped based on various aspects, as this is the easiest way to present them. One topic has not been touched yet, and that is mass production. With these machines, mass production is not an issue, as they can produce high volumes with high quality. If you’re looking for monthly mass production of parts, panels, perforations or modells, you’re in the right place. The list of our materials are almost endless, including but not exclusive to – solid or block wood panels, bun blockboards, HDF and MDF boards, plastic boards, foams for casting moulds, and various steels. But what could be made from all these? Perforated boards, doors, partitions, all kinds of covers, wall panels, 3D carvings, engravings, master moulds, etc. Though it’s easier if you just scroll down and look into our works. The most valuable asset of a designer, company or manufacturer is a newly designed part or product. We also make prototypes, behind closed doors, naturally with a non-disclosure agreement.
Ask for a personalized quote.

 Master moulds

I can declare without modesty that these products serve as a serious reference. Let me thank IVANKA Factory for putting their trust in us. There are several elements in Budapest that they have created with our major contribution.

From our point of view, the most important work from Hungary is the concrete ball in front of Groupama stadium. We designed the form and the master mould. Modelling the ball proposed a huge professional challenge, but we managed to accomplish the task. Since then, the plans and design is our intellectual property.

If you happen to visit Rudas Thermal Bath, observe the tiles. We made the master moulds for the tiles in front of the building.

Then, if you go across the Danube to visit the Parliament, you will notice a cast iron fence that would not be there if it weren’t for us.

The list could go on, these are only our most precious designs.

Various other works could be mentioned, for example the shutters that were used by IVANKA Factory while building the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium.


We don’t have such spectacular items in this category, but feel free to browse our pictures. Perforations can be used for several reasons – covers, doors, partitions. The possibilities for patterns are endless, we can even use a picture from the internet, so the result will be truly unique. These products can really brighten up a room or apartment.

Carvings, engravings, contours

Getting close to the end of this page, I have to compress what I’d like to say. There is not a storage in the world I couldn’t fill with my thoughts on this matter. These kinds of requests usually come from interior designers, executors, carpenters and masters. However, lately we have received requests for high volumes from scenery builder companies as well. I would like to mention only a few movies we contributed to: The Martian, the new Terminator and the Alien series. Again, let the pictures speak for themselves.



When someone needed more...

We like these requests as they allow us to think of our own solution and tecnhology for manufacturing. So far we have made board games, cambers for shutters, parts for standard furniture and so on... these are only a few examples. If you’re thinking about something like this, please contact us.



There are some designs that we are not allowed to show. These are mostly prototypes, or products that were made with a non-disclosure agreement. We are extremely discreet with these kind of requests, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading this, I hope we managed to convince you. If you would like to have something made – whatever it may be – please put your trust in us. I think it’s clear that we are doing everything with passion, and we will continue to do so. This is the way every issue can and will be solved.

If you are interested, please contact us. Click here to get directions.