Tibor Mladoniczky
I started to work with blockboard tailoring and furniture making in 1999. I first saw CNC tecnhology at a fair in the very same year, and it has immediately sucked me in. This has contributed enormously to the profile of my company and to how I evolved professionally. After the millienium we bought the first CNC machine and 3D modelling program that we chose based on the advice of the CAD/CAM business manager of Unitis Rendszerház Co., Nyírő Ferenc. I am happy to assist our current and future customers with the best of my knowledge.





Tibor Mladoniczky Jr.
Everyone who has ever worked in a family business will know what I’m talking about, when I say I had no choice as I was born into this. Since I was a little child I was always curious about what was happening in the workshop, so I took every chance to go in and help. As a kid, even sweeping was just as interesting as the more complex tasks that I could do later. I grew older and my word started to worth more, leading us to create this website. Me and my dad can work harminously. I represent continous improvement and youthful spirit while he is the wise „old” professional guru of the company.






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